Troubleshooting Steps For Network Diagnostics Failure

If your network diagnostics are coming back with failures, follow these steps to troubleshoot:

  1. Run Network Diagnostics. Note any ports that fail.
  1. Ask to user if anyone else at their location is having connections fail when they run Network Diagnostics.
  1. Ask the user to have their network admin verify that all ports are open both inbound and outbound as listed on Biba's Ports and Protocols knowledge article.
  1. lets you test websocket connections.  Check the Use secure WebSocket (TLS) option box and click connect.  This will tell you if the user is able to connect to any WebSockets.  Have them connect and then send a test message.  Make sure it echoes back.

  1. Run an nslookup on any server connections that are failing. Verify that the IP address that nslookup returns is correct.
  1. Have the user try to telnet to the server connection that is failing.
  1. Ask the user’s network admin to clear/update the DNS root hints on the DNS servers
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