Release 3.14 July 2016

Please note that in the interest of preserving good juju, there was no 3.13 release.

New Features and Enhancements:
  • iPhone video
    • We have expanded our iOS client to support both iPhone as well as iPad video
  • Spellcheck re-enabled for Windows 8.x and Windows 10
    • In a previous release we disabled spellcheck.
  • Outlook for Biba Add-in (Windows)
    • We have changed the way the add-in is installed and updated to help avoid the scenario where the add-in gets uninstalled at upgrade time
  • Audio improvements
    • echo cancelation improvements for OSX
Bug Fixes
  • Event Mode not disabling screen share and video if already enabled (Windows)
  • Improve performance of opening chat room (Windows)
  • Unchecking all dial-in numbers in the Schedule Meeting Assistant still shows US toll in meeting instructions (Windows)
  • Tab open in both Favorites and Recent Messages (Windows)
  • Biba window gets minimized when join from another device (Windows)
  • Sharing Chrome window from Windows 10 can result in viewer's seeing black screen (Windows)
  • User not receiving other notifications when "chat room deleted" dialog is open (Windows)
  • Users not receiving correct message when organizer enables Event Mode (Windows)
  • 1:1 call should be ended when one attendee signs out (Windows)
  • Clicking on the X on the join dialog should hang up a 1:1 call (Windows)
  • Schedule Meeting Assistant not remembering both Australia numbers are selected (Windows)
  • Mute hotkey (Ctrl+Y) does not work when video is popped out and in focus (Windows)
  • Meeting chat history is not loaded after joining meeting - only seeing future messages (Windows)
  • Sign in pwd field says "New Password" change to "Password" (Windows)
  • No "Unmute" option in the Muted pop-up notification (Windows)
  • Only one Australia dial in shown when user selects both (Outlook Add-in)
  • Remove Biba Meeting does not remove the recipient fields (Outlook Add-in)
  • Biba meeting information should be inserted as unformatted text (Outlook Add-in)
  • Mute button option to "Mute My Microphone" is not resulting in mute (OSX)
  • App can become unresponsive when searching or jumping to chat thread (OSX)
  • Unable to sign in when sign-in when "waiting for network" dialog is displayed (OSX)
  • Video paused is not resumed if paused tile disables and enables video (OSX)
  • @ mention badge on room is not dismissed when receive mention and switch to another room (OSX)
  • Meeting control bar requires double click (should just be single click) (OSX)
  • Some messages (This screen is being shared) not displayed on 10.11 (OSX)
  • ESC key not exiting fullscreen as expected (OSX)
  • Websocket failures seen in some environments preventing screen sharing (OSX, Windows)
  • Many reconnects (when failed over to web socket) on call when checked-in (OSX, Windows)
  • Audio cue continues to play even when another user joins the meeting (OSX, Windows)
  • Search results does not return properly linked URL (OSX, Windows)
  • Problems sending attachments in meeting chat (Android)
  • Option to add personalized link is not displayed in Settings tab (Android)
  • Unsent messages not sent when disconnect and reconnect on network (Android)
  • iOS IPv6 support (iOS)
  • When select "Choose Existing" for photo attachment navigate to Albums not Moments (iOS)
  • New message tab opening can get stuck at the bottom of the message list (iOS) 
  • User joining un-authenticated is not able to "Switch to Dial-in" (iOS)
  • User joining un-authenticated is not shown PIN when choose Dial-in (iOS)
  • 400 error when schedule with Google option chosen (hotfix)
  • Incorrect country code displayed for Luxembourg
  • 30 field crashes
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