Biba keyboard shortcuts


Main Window Ctrl+E ⌘E Message
  Ctrl+L ⌘L Call
  Ctrl+O ⌘O Open chat room
  Ctrl+N ⌘⇧N New contact
  Ctrl+R ⌘⇧R New chat room
  Ctrl+T ⌘T New group message
  Ctrl+Shift+J ⌘⇧J Join Meeting
  Ctrl+Shift+M ⌘⇧M Start instant meeting
  Ctrl+Shift+S ⌘⇧S Schedule meeting
  Ctrl+= ⌘= Zoom in
  Ctrl+- ⌘- Zoom out
  Ctrl+F ⌘F Put cursor in search box
  Move cursor to message compose text field
  Ctrl+U ⌘U Attach File
  Shift+Ctrl+K ⌘⇧K Call selected user/thread/chat room
  Shift+Ctrl+H ⌘⇧H Show chat room settings menu
Call Window Ctrl+. ⌘. Expand or collapse roster area
  Ctrl+Alt+I ⌥⌘I Show meeting info
  Ctrl+Y ⌘Y Toggle mute / unmute
  Ctrl+Alt+V ⌥⌘V Toggle video on / off
  Ctrl+Alt+S ⌥⌘S Open Screen menu
  Ctrl+Alt+O ⌥⌘O Open More menu
  Ctrl+Alt+N ⌥⌘N Open Settings menu
  Ctrl+Alt+E ⌥⌘E End / leave
  ↑,↓ ↑,↓ Select first item in roster, move up and down through roster
  ←,→ ←,→ Show / hide roster context menu for select roster item
  Ctrl+U ⌘U Attach file
  Move cursor to message compose text field
  Ctrl+Alt+X ⌥⌘X Stop screen share/stop remote control


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