Release 3.12 May 2016

New Features and Enhancements:

  • Web Screen Viewer
    • New re-architected web screen viewer (flash not required)
    • Better support for locked down environments
    • Improved performance
  • Keyboard Shortcuts added
    • We have added more keyboard shortcuts for common actions.
    • Biba main window as well as the Meeting window (expand and collapse right section of window (roster/chat), 
    • Toll tips now include text of action as well as keyboard shortcut
    • Please see this KB article for the complete list:
  • In room video systems
    • Enhanced refresh rates and picture quality.
    • New prompt for Meeting ID includes visual cue for number entered, ability to use * to "backspace"
    • New screen for "First to display video"
    • Include attendee name on tiles (client and H.323)
  • Password rules (Requires 3.12 clients or above)
    • Org can set password rules (require length, # of uppercase, # of lowercase, # of number, # of non-alphanumeric characters)
    • Default is length = 6, requires at least 1 lowercase and at least one number
    • Existing passwords are supported, must pass this rule when existing users reset their password or new users set their password

Bug Fixes

  • Video should fill the entire screen (in-room video)
  • Invited to email reply should go to "inviter" not
  • PingOne auto provisioning is broken
  • Improve UK toll free dial-in
  • Attendee should be rejoined to the meeting (not left in Dropped) when reconnecting the audio jack (Windows)
  • Anonymous user switch to dial-in does not show PIN (Windows)
  • Help users install Outlook Add-in when they are not logged in as admin (Windows)
  • 1-1 adhoc call automatically ends when the attendee answers the call without audio (Windows)
  • Chat ordering can get out of sync (Windows)
  • Clicking the X on a call window doesn't hang up the call (Windows)
  • Unable to open the Biba app after closing the "Contact Customer Care" dialog box (Windows)
  • Updated name - still showing old name when typing (Windows)
  • Search results window doesn't turn full URL's into hyperlinks (Windows)
  • "Trying to connect" banner won't go away (Windows)
  • Remote control request dialog is seen only when Stop screen share (Windows)
  • 1:1 messages should not display names above the bubble (iOS)
  • Volume increases after getting off call (OSX)
  • Cursor jumps to the end of the text area when editing text (OSX)
  • Same Group Message is listed repeatedly in Messages tab for each instance of Group Message creation (Android)
  • Attendee in android can unmute themselves when “Disable attendee unmute” option is enabled. (Android)
  • 24 field crashes
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