Biba keeps launching and joining a call that I thought was ended

The problem:

The Biba client is launching and trying to join a meeting unexpectedly. 

What's going on:

Every time you open or click on a new tab in Firefox, Biba launches and connects to that Biba Meeting PIN (not the specific meeting instance).

The short answer:

  • You can prevent Firefox from launching Biba every time you open a new Tab by either
    • Clicking on a new Tab, locating the tile, hover over the tile and click the X in the upper right.
    • Change the New Tab Controls setting to "Show blank page" instead of the tiles.

What is happening is a combination of a few things:

  • When you clicked on the Biba meeting link and joined a meeting for the first time, you were prompted to launch Biba and probably choose "Remember my choice for Biba links"
  • Firefox is being "helpful" and has included our launch url in its list of Top Sites.
  • You probably have the default setting for New Tab Controls of = "Show your top sights" selected.
  • Here is some information about how to manage that Top Sites page:
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