Release 3.11 April 2016

New Features and Enhancements:

  • Biba Outlook Add-In
    • Ability for delegates to schedule One-time meetings (not just Personal PINs)
    • When scheduling, delegate will get prompted for One-time or Personal meeting ID
  • In room video systems
    • Enhanced refresh rates and picture quality.
    • Improved monitoring and alerting
  • Video
    • Provide the ability for a user to hide their personal video tile
    • Select Settings > Show Preview for My Own Video in the meeting window (Biba will remember the setting across meetings)

Platform notices

  • We are removing support for iOS 7. Users on iOS7 will not be able to upgrade beyond 3.10.
  • We will be disabling spell checker on Windows 10 in this release (with the plan to re-enable asap) - It was found that a problem with the spell checking service in .NET 4.6 was causing a significant lag in some environments (reference

Bug Fixes

  • Chat and Call Roster is unusably slow to load on some Windows 10 environments (Windows)
  • No audio cue is being played with attendees join a meeting (Windows)
  • 3 monitor setup - screen sharing intermittently shows wrong monitor (Windows)
  • Headphone volume does not get reset to system volume settings properly (Windows)
  • In Conference Room mode, “Password Required” alert pop up keeps appearing even after entering valid password (Windows)
  • Biba can hang when plug-in headset (Windows)
  • Cntr+0 should return text size to "Actual" (Windows)
  • Removing attendees from To: when add Biba Meeting to existing event (Outlook Add-In)
  • Conversation can get marked as read when app is backgrounded, screen is locked (iOS)
  • Misformed room name in room invitation confirmation dialog (iOS)
  • Foregrounding app on unread conversation should reduce unread count (iOS)
  • Trouble signing in after signing out (iOS)
  • Badge number can get out of sync when on mobile network (iOS)
  • Messages can get out of order (Android, iOS)
  • Stuck connector banner (Android)
  • Attendee can unmute when Disable Attendee Unmute is active (Android)
  • Unable to join meeting using link (Android) - hotfix
  • Duplicate messages being displayed (OSX)
  • Crash when viewing screen share in full window mode (OSX)
  • Cursor jumps to end of text block when editing a multi-line chat (OSX)
  • Drag and select text does not result in copy (OSX)
  • Event mode while organizer joined with 13 digit PIN dial in mutes all - including organizer
  • Has invited you emails reply to is vs. user who invited
  • Make recording more resilient when multiple start and stop during same call
  • Overlapping dial-in cues can interrupt each other
  • 77 field crashes
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