Release 3.10 March 2016

New Features and Enhancements:

  • Chrome Extension
    • Added SSO support for OneLogin for signing into the Biba Chrome Extension.
    • User is prompted for Biba credentials
    • User clicks on Other Sign In Options
    • Choose Sign In with OneLogin
    • First time, user is prompted to enter their domain
  • Add support for G.711 codec for in room video systems
    • Codec added to support LifeSize Cloud users
    • Additional benefit is that content can now be shared as well - plug in device and content will be shared in a tile.
  • Platform enhancements
    • Continued work on scale, monitoring and alerting
    • New architecture and solutions coming soon for Web Screen Viewer,, Presence

Bug Fixes:

  • Passcode entered during dial-in connection not accepting all digits (PSTN)
  • Upgrade UK toll-free and Australia dial-in (PSTN)
  • Client is slow to update (Android)
  • Biba has stopped responding messages (Android)
  • Didn't get call notification (Android)
  • Muting options on UI need to be cleaned up (Android)
  • Spinner continues until touch another tab (Android)
  • Account suspended for too many failed pwd attempts when launch Biba (iOS) hotfix
  • Biba screen share not filling entire screen (iOS)
  • Problems signing out (iOS)
  • Noisy iOS notification sent even though messages delivered and read on OSX (iOS)
  • Busy signal for in room video system calls (H.323) hotfix
  • Screen connection error (Web Screen Viewer) hotfix
  • Call notifications don't ring if Call Ended dialog is still open (Windows)
  • Screen saver turns on when on call (Windows)
  • Error message is not accurate (audio problems not firewall) (Windows)
  • Thumbnails aspect ratio not as expected in chat (Windows)
  • Outlook add in focus should be at end of To:
  • Stop remote control option is disabled (OSX)
  • Draft @mentions are unbolded after line wrap (OSX)
  • Group Message display name not as expected (iOS, OSX)
  • Line wrap not as expected when including UTF characters (OSX)
  • Can't @ mention after Shift+Enter or Option+Enter (OSX)
  • First to join plays as another attendee connects (OSX)
  • Biba not automatically updated to 3.9 from 3.8 (OSX)
  • Merged user still shows up in Contacts
  • Presence inconsistencies
  • Accounts can get in a bad state (Verified but no password)
  • Meeting Report incorrect data in premium dial in minutes column
  • Meeting name is not added when meeting starts
  • 119 field crashes
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