Release 3.9 February 2016

New Features and Enhancements:

  • Opt-out options for emails
    • Option to Accept or Decline an invite. If Accept we will re-direct to the download Biba page. If Decline will not send any future reminders related to this invitation.
    • Option to unsubscribe (in footer) for invites (either add user or invited as a result of meeting invite). The user can check the Invite category to prevent invite and reminder emails.
  • Limit total number of Reminder emails
    • Every profile (email address) can only receive a total of 3 reminders in their lifetime. We send two reminders per invite (once after 1 week and another after 3 weeks if they have not joined).
    • If a user has received an invite or a reminder in the last week, do not send any other reminders (from anyone)
  • iOS and Android text size setting is honored for Biba chat threads
  • In Room Video (H.323) cue to enter meeting ID is no longer audio (visual instructions). Initial # is not requested - we found most in room systems do not require the leading #
  • Prevent auto update on OSX
    • running the following will disable our updater altogether and users will not be prompted to update:

defaults write com.biba.osx.Biba DisableAppUpdates 1


Bug Fixes

  • Different presence states are showing (OSX)
  • Biba Outlook Add-in gets uninstalled after upgrade (Windows)
  • Auto-complete breaks @mention (OSX)
  • Presence is green on client when it should be busy (OSX)
  • Error when try to remove delegate from a suspended user (Org Admin)
  • Cannot connect to Outlook error (Windows)
  • Android stuck in connecting state (Android)
  • Remove Bahrain and Liechtenstein dial-ins
  • Add an additional Australia dial-in for reliability
  • Command + and - does not work in Meeting chat (OSX)
  • User stuck in invited state and can't get on call (Android)
  • Shared screen view is not properly sized (OSX)
  • Cancelled upgrade not rolling back properly (Windows)
  • No longer auto-updating (prompting instead) (OSX)
  • Draft @mentions are unbolded after typing an additional character (OSX)
  • Biba hangs after video/screen share call was ended (OSX)
  • Ctrl + or - adjusts text size for Biba even when Biba is not active application (Windows)
  • 27 field crashes
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