Enabling Premium Dial-in (International and Toll-free access numbers)

Biba provides the ability for an Organization to limit who has access to International and Toll free dialing numbers.

Please contact support@biba.com to enable this feature. When this feature is enabled a Plan column will be visible on the Users tab in the Biba Org Admin.

Note: a user must have a meeting PIN generated in order to set this feature. The user must either of registered or the Org Admin can "Add" the user and choose the "User gets a Personal Meeting ID" option.


    • This is the default. When enabled, all users are set to Standard.
    • Users who host meetings are limited to the Standard dial-in plan for their meeting attendees. Only dial-in phone number provided is the US toll number (e.g. +1 305-842-2422). Note VoIP access via the Biba client is unlimited.
    • If an attendee trys to dial-in using an International or Toll-free number, they will hear the audio cue that the access is not available.


    • Biba Org Admin's can choose to enable the Premium dial-in plan per user.
    • Users who host meetings can provide the US toll number as well as International Toll and Toll-free dial-ins.
    • Users will have International dial in capabilities (links and options) in the Schedule Meeting assistant as well as the Outlook Add-in.

To set the user's dialing plan, Biba Org Admins can do the following:

    • Log into the Biba Org Admin (https://app.biba.com/organizations and provide your Biba credentials)
    • Locate the user
    • Click on the users name (blue link)
    • Scroll to the bottom of the page and in the Dial-in Plan section choose the desired option (remember, by default, when this is set all users have Standard enabled)


    • The Plan column in the Users tab shows the users current option


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