Release 3.8 January 2016

New Features and Enhancements:
  • Accessibility - Chat Text - Enable users to increase and decrease font of all text components in chat threads.
    • When a selection is active in the message pane or the cursor is in compose window, use keyboard shortcuts to change text size
      • Windows: Cntrl+ and  Cntrl- to move between text sizes steps.
      • Mac: Zoom In (⌘+), Actual Size (⌘0), Zoom to Fit (⌘=), Zoom Out (⌘-)
      • iOS: Use Settings > Display > Text Size
    • Default will be Actual size. Settings maintained on Quit. Reset if Sign Out.
  • Accessibility - Screen Share Viewing - Zoom in and Out during screen share viewing using the Biba client
    • After joining a new meeting and/or viewing a screen for the first time in a meeting we will use the current standard scale to fit
    • Windows: Zoom in (Cntrl+), Actual Size (Cntrl0), Zoom Out (Cntrl-)
    • Mac: Zoom In (⌘+), Actual Size (⌘0), Zoom Out (⌘-)
  • Add a column to show total Premium dial-in and total US Toll dial-in on both User and Meeting Admin reports
  • Echo cancelation improvements on Windows and OSX
  • Better device management and echo cancellation when using devices with enhanced options (Windows 8.1 and Windows 10)
Bug Fixes
  • Cannot sign in after attending a meeting joined anonymously (iOS, OSX)
  • OS beachballs after leaving a video call (OSX)
  • Screen share stops when share window, choose PPT and click slide viewer (OSX)
  • Room loads slowly without a progress indicator - feels like lost all threads (OSX El Capitan)
  • Biba UI is sideways when launched in landscape mode (iPad, iPhone 6S+)
  • Gear menu is disabled for room admins (OSX)
  • User and Meeting Admin report incorrectly showing Premium minutes for toll bridge
  • Prevent iOS double notifications (iOS)
  • Wrong cue played when user muted when join and Event Mode. Should get the cue that they are muted and how to unmute - not standard how to mute
  • Recording files occasionally don't get delivered
  • Better handling of disconnects when user is checked in
  • Audio enhancement to address issues with Plantronics Callisto devices
  • 13 field crashes
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