Release 3.7 December 2015

New Features and Enhancements:
  • Removing ongoing calls from Biba alert count - Biba will still increment the alert count when a user has a call - however, as soon as the user takes some action (Decline, Answer, Message, etc.) we will decrement the count.
  • If a user is suspended, only start their meetings if they have a delegate assigned (this can help when employees leave a company and they have already setup external meetings - their Biba account can be suspended and their replacement can be made a delegate to preserve security as well as business continuity).
  • Support authenticated proxy with the Biba Outlook add-in.
  • Audio enhancements - volume and echo cancellation improvements.
  • Do not show user as busy as a result of all day events on their calendar.

Bug Fixes

  • New users can sometimes get stuck in Verified state requiring manual resetting of account
  • Mouse name not showing during remote control session and then doesn't go away (OSX El Capitan)
  • Biba crashes when screen sharing and using new half full screen mode (OSX El Capitan)
  • Buttons disappear when Biba window is sized too narrow (OSX El Capitan)
  • Do not upgrade if OS is not supported by Biba client (OSX - hotfix)
  • Client prompting for credentials when app is launched when user did not sign-out (OSX)
  • Biba app badge does not decrement for read message (OSX)
  • From: profile search improvements (OSX)
  • Call popup updates (call had ended, call is being recorded, screen is being shared) are no shown when user is on meeting chat tab (Android)
  • Connecting banner gets stuck on - doesn't get turned off when connected (Android)
  • Biba app grows to take up too much data (Android)
  • Hang during upgrade prevented user from getting called (Windows)
  • Outlook Biba Add-in should be supported for Outlook 2016 (Windows - hotfix)
  • Screen viewer improperly scaled (iOS)
  • 15 field crashes
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