Release 3.6 November 2015


New Features and Enhancements:
  • Biba provides two types of reports that Admins for a Biba Organization can access.
    • The User Activity report provides information about messaging and meetings organized for each of your users.
    • The Meeting Summary report provides information about meetings that are hosted by your organization users. This also includes details about VoIP, dial-in and web viewer attendees.
    • See for more details
  • Monitoring and alerting enhancements
  • Reduce Windows echo and half duplex issues introduced under some network conditions

Bug Fixes

  • Slowness and error messages when sending messages quickly after starting a client with saved credentials
  • Not receiving join screen when transitioning from invited to running late
  • Call recording failed (hotfix)
  • Recording file not being delivered (hotfix)
  • Can't open mp4 recordings in QT player on Windows (encoder update) (Windows)
  • Incorrect Launch Web page displayed with Win 7/IE11 (Windows)
  • Only partial screen being rendered for screen share (Windows)
  • Screen share can't be viewed by others - under some conditions where we used the wss connection fall back (Windows)
  • Don't add to unread count when send messages from same user on a second device (Windows)
  • Sharing Edge browser on Windows 10 shows black in some instances (Windows)
  • Incorrect text on poor video connection tile (Windows)
  • A black outline is displayed in viewer's screen sub-window when sharer shares window. (Windows)
  • Extra slash included in Schedule Meeting overview dialog (Windows)
  • Connectivity problems that resulted in some Windows users seeing inaccurate information on the meeting roster as well as experiencing some message delivery delays (Windows) (hotfix)
  • iPhone rings when joining a meeting by PIN on desktop (and visa versa)
  • Don't show suspended users in Add to Chat Room list
  • Message retention setting not being saved in Org Admin
  • "You are the first to join" audio cue is not being played for some calls
  • International Dial-In number(s) not shown in "Schedule Meeting" screen when "United States Toll" is de-selected
  • Second running late not showing countdown
  • When Biba opened via clicking url, user is not returned to the create account page after meeting is ended (Windows and OSX)
  • Multiple meeting ended dialog boxes displayed when users join a meeting using the PIN or by clicking on the link (OSX) (hotfix)
  • Messages being sent out of order (OSX)
  • Spinner showing when viewing screen share (El Capitan) (OSX)
  • Show applicable audio error when starting instant meeting and subsystem cannot load (OSX)
  • Send button should be default for call feedback screen (OSX)
  • @ message badge missing from chat room navigation (OSX)
  • Video closed instead of reconnecting (OSX)
  • Screen share not working with authenticated proxy (OSX)
  • Unread count not being decremented on OSX when view on iOS
  • Biba taking an excessive amount of data on device (Android)
  • Could not dismiss join screen (Android)
  • Double notifications (iOS)
  • Not able to answer incoming calls under some network conditions (Android, iOS)
  • Show error messages when iPad memory consumption spike (iPad)
  • 38 field crashes
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