Biba Reporting for Admins


Biba provides two types of reports that Admins for a Biba Organization can access.

  1. The User Activity report provides information about messaging and meetings organized for each of your users.
  2. The Meeting Summary report provides information about meetings that are hosted by your organization users. This also includes details about VoIP, dial-in and web viewer attendees.

Accessing the Reports:

  • The reports can be accessed by each of your company’s Biba admins, and are located on a Reports tab in the Biba Admin Portal.
  • Reports are generated by month (the user selects), and a .csv file will be sent to the primary email address attached to the requester's Biba account.

User Activity Report field details:

The activity report shows details about each of the Activated and Registered users.

  • User - email address of user. (some “users” without email addresses may be included as a result of accounts being merged.)
  • Messages Sent - number of 1:1 and group messages sent by this user during the reporting period
  • Meetings Scheduled - number of meetings scheduled by this user that were during the reporting period
    • meetings canceled before their start time are not counted
    • each occurrence of a recurring meeting is counted
  • Ad Hoc Meetings Started - number of ad hoc meetings started by this user during the reporting period.
    • meetings started by a PIN, or
    • meetings started from the app
  • Number of Meetings Joined - number of unique meetings that this user joined during the reporting period (including dial-in with a personalized Meeting ID, and joining while disabling mic and speakers.)
  • Total Hosted Duration - total length (difference between meeting start time and meeting end time) of all the meetings hosted by the user during the reporting period
  • Premium Dial-ins Min - total number of minutes charged on premium dial-in numbers (toll-free and international) across all calls hosted by the user during the reporting period

Meeting Summary Report field details:

The meeting summary report shows all meetings organized by members of your organization over the selected reporting period.

  • Meeting Date/Time - meeting start time in Pacific time
  • Organizer - email address of the meeting’s organizer
  • Name - name of meeting
  • Type -
    • ‘Scheduled’ for meetings scheduled with, or
    • ‘Ad Hoc’ for meetings started with a PIN or from the app
  • Duration (min) - number of min between start time and end time
  • Total Attendees - total number of people that joined the call, including:
    • Registered users
    • Unregistered users using the Biba add-in
    • Dial-in attendees
    • Attendees using the browser screen share viewer
    • H.323 Video bridge participants
  • VoIP Attendees - total number of attendees using VoIP (from a Biba app, or H.323 video bridge)
  • Dial-in Attendees - total number of attendees using dial-in
  • Browser Attendees - total number of attendees using browser screen share viewer
  • Premium Dial-in Min - total number of minutes charged on premium (toll-free and international) dial-in numbers
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