Release 3.5 October 2015

New Features and Enhancements:
  • Support on all Biba clients for authenticated proxy (note Biba Outlook plug-in for Windows is scheduled for 3.6)
  • Change the repeated "You are the first to join" cue to play once and then beeps instead of words
  • Improved chat performance for iOS and Android
  • Reduced Network Diagnostic false positives
  • Improved VoIP audio quality (echo, bad network reconnects when checked-in
  • Auto gain / volume improvements on OSX
  • 10 failed password attempts in 30 seconds results in Suspension (with an email to user and note to for follow-up)
  • Improved monitoring for dial-in numbers
  • Phase 1 of i18N language support (adding French in the next release)

Bug Fixes

  • Chrome Extension auth loop (hotfix)
  • Ensure http or https links to meetings resolve properly (hotfix)
  • Recording files requiring manual generation (hotfix)
  • Web Screen Viewer periodically unavailable (hotfix)
  • Send an email with PIN information when user merges accounts
  • Select all check box in Org Admin not working
  • Org Admin choose second email to Make Primary results in 404
  • Users removed from Org not removed from All Company Chat Room
  • Dial in PIN in some emails not properly formatted (should not include spaces)
  • "No Shared Screen" instead of "Meeting Hasn't Started Yet" dialog displayed when user joins a meeting, using personalized PIN on browser, before meeting starts.
  • Addressed several media memory leaks
  • Incorrect message when add a user to a chat room (Android)
  • Biba crashes after deleting multiple chat rooms (Android)
  • Only present room members are displayed on call list (Android)
  • Clean up call feedback screen (Android)
  • Clicking meeting link can sometimes result in add in not launching (Windows IE)
  • Win 7, IE 11 not detecting previous install of Biba app
  • Anyone can end an adhoc meeting (all)
  • User dialed in using 13 digit PIN has an incorrect mute state showing on Roster to checked in user when the user is not actually muted (desktop)
  • My Contacts list was not showing all the contacts expected (all)
  • Some meeting attendees not seeing meeting chat (all
  • The user's personalized meeting id is not displayed when scheduling for a delegate (Outlook plug-in)
  • Screen share should stop when disconnect display (OSX, Windows)
  • Request shared control disabled when user has poor network (OSX)
  • Improve instant 1:1 calling when users call at the same time (OSX)
  • Video does not behave as expected when disable and then re-enable (OSX, Windows, iPad)
  • 23 field crashes
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