Conference Room Mode

If you have a conference room computer where Biba is being used, you now can put that Biba account in "Conference Room Mode". This mode will lock the Biba account logged in on that specific computer / conference room and require a user to enter a password for any changes that need to be made to Biba. 

When in Conference Room Mode:

  • Users will be prompted to enter a password to sign out, quit, or edit settings
  • The Biba meeting window will automatically begin each call in full screen mode 
  • Optionally, video tiles can be automatically popped out to allow the user to move them anywhere on the screen. 

To turn on Conference Room Mode:

Windows - Go to File > Settings

Mac - Go to Biba > Preferences

Select the Meetings tab and check "This is a conference room computer", then Enable Conference Room Mode.

You then have the option to enable Pop out video, which automatically begins video in popped out mode.

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