Release 3.3 August 2015

We are happy to announce the following features and enhancements in the 3.3 release: 

1. Brand New Biba Branding! 

  • Please welcome Gabee the Biba bee! Our new logo merges the conceptual bee and the letter B together. 
  • All applications will include the brand new Biba branding
  • The Biba Admin Console will include the brand new Biba branding
    • If you have not received our newly branded training decks / quick-start guides for your internal resources, please do let me know and I will be sure to send them over right away. 
    • If you have bookmarked the Biba Admin Console page, you will need to update the bookmarked URL to Please do let us know if you do have any questions. 

2. Conference Room Mode 

  • If you have a conference room computer where Biba is being used, you now can put that Biba account in "Conference Room Mode". This mode will lock the Biba account logged in on that specific computer / conference room and require a user to enter a password for any changes that need to be made to Biba. 
  • When in Conference Room Mode :
    • Users will be prompted to enter a password to sign out, quit, or edit settings
    • The Biba meeting window will automatically begin each call in full screen mode 
    • Optionally, video tiles can be automatically popped out to allow the user to move them anywhere on the screen. 

3. Faster Loading + Auto-Complete Contacts List

  • Biba 3.3 is now adding a scalable contact list that will provide faster contact list uploads, easier search for contacts and auto-complete:
    • The list of Contacts that we show you will just be users that you have actually interacted with.
    • You will still be able to search all your contacts - "Search Contacts" will now say "Search All Contacts”.
    • Choosing contacts to add to Chat Rooms and Meetings now behaves more like the Group Message To: field (contacts are autocompleted in list form vs. using check boxes).

4. Quality, Quality, Quality! 

  • Biba 3.3 focused a lot on quality. Here are a few of the quality updates that were made for the Biba 3.3 release:
    • Audio enhancements - Improvements on audio echo, noise, delay, and auto-gain
    • Dial-In Audio Cues - Shortened and unified some of the audio messages we play for the dial-in users
    • Biba Add-in and Web Viewer flow - We simplified and streamlined the various flows to be consistent across our supported browsers
    • Manual check for update option - Desktop apps will now provide an "Check for Updates" option and we will check more frequently to determine if an update is available
    • Windows Logging - We previously had several log files and were rotating the logs daily, so our Customer Care team sometimes had to ask for more information. We are now grabbing Biba log files needed for most diagnostics.

Bugs and Enhancements:

  • Don't play join and leave tones when in Event Mode
  • Don't display "Join" screen if already joined early (Windows)
  • Grab all log files needed for diagnostics when Sending Feedback (Windows)
  • Improve and streamline the Install Biba Add-in flow for all browsers (OSX and Windows) 
  • Reduce memory usage of app (Windows)
  • Don't open the webpage that confirms install when installing Biba app with the /nas flag (Windows)
  • Some dial-in and H.323 connections are getting dropped prematurely
  • Event mode not muting attendees (iPad, Windows)
  • Address several memory leaks (Windows)
  • Let user know that Biba is not connected if login before wifi connection is established (Windows)
  • Delegate selection drop down when schedule from Outlook gets cut off when user has a long name (Windows)
  • Do not crash when .NET config exceptions encountered (Windows)
  • Mic level gets turned up when headphones or built-in echo cancelation is used (Windows and OSX)
  • Prompt the user to close Outlook window when upgrade cannot complete (vs asking to restart the computer) (Windows)
  • Improve the experience when two users call each other at the same time (OSX and Windows)
  • Don't auto emoji <char>8) (OSX, Windows, Android, iOS)
  • Running late includes 2 "5 min" options and not a "10 min" (OSX)
  • Race condition results in not getting called for meeting (OSX)
  • User is shown as muted when joined by dialing-in and checked in on app (OSX and Windows)
  • Some messages not getting delivered to iOS when user is offline (hotfix)
  • Don't require for login after upgrade (OSX)
  • Don't switch Biba speaker setting to AirPlay even if when "Same as System" is selected (OSX)
  • Screen controls not displayed when sharing second monitor (OSX 10.9.5)
  • Send Command key to OSX when pressing Windows key during remote control
  • Roster incorrectly shows red mic when another user drops (OSX)
  • Unlocked meeting but meeting info was not available (OSX)
  • User getting runtime error when scheduling a meeting with Outlook add-in (Windows)
  • Video window disappears when undocked and multiple monitors (OSX)
  • During remote control, controller not able to click and set up Personalized Link (OSX)
  • Connecting continues to show even after reconnected (Windows, OSX and iOS)
  • Lock icon and Unlock Meeting options are still shown after user unlocks the meeting (OSX)
  • Running late count down is not displayed on the roster (OSX)
  • Cannot re-dock video window (OSX)
  • Don't auto upgrade when user has an ongoing call (OSX)
  • Message history doesn't load after addressing a group message (OSX)
  • No buttons presented and not able to join call (Android)
  • App crashes when rotate when "Send Feedback" screen is displayed (Android)
  • Echo cancelation issues with Galaxy Nexus (Android)
  • Mobile app keeps ringing even after answer on desktop (Android and iOS)
  • Sending duplicate notifications (iOS)
  • Alert users when they try to schedule using iCloud account
  • Some calls are starting a few minutes later than expected (hotfix)
  • Org admin not able to suspend users (hotfix)
  • User is unable to see other attendees or share screen - race condition (hotfix)
  • Notifications not received for messages sent while all recipient's devices are offline (iOS) (hotfix)
  • 57 field crashes
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