Release 3.2 July 2015

We are happy to announce the following features and enhancements in 3.2.  Please go to to get your update.

1. Event Mode 2.0

  • Now have the ability to add restrictions for users joining an All Hands / large call!
    • With Event Mode 2.0, Biba will automatically disable attendees from having the ability to share their webcam  (but will still have ability to view your webcam) and share their screen. This will allow Biba organizers to have more control when using Event Mode. 
    • The Organizer (host) of the call can choose to promote an attendee to become “presenter” so they can enable webcam and screen share. This is a great way to collaborate effectively in larger meetings. (More Menu > Add Presenters and choose from invited attendees)
    • Presenters will have a new icon associated with their name on the Roster
    • NOTE: Presenters and Attendees need to be on the 3.2 clients for Event Mode 2.0 Functionality

2. Chrome Extension for Google Calendar

  • Schedule meetings directly from Google Chrome
    • Users will have similar functionality as seen on the Outlook plug-in - ability to schedule meeting quickly directly from from Google Chrome. This will allow users to schedule meetings without ever needing to move away from their browser! 

3. Multi-Monitor Screen Share 

  • Ability for users to share multiple monitors during screen share 
    • Users will now have the ability to share multiple screens while on a Biba screen share. This becomes very helpful for the users who have 2+ screens in their workspace. Biba will allow you to use your monitor space more effectively during the screen share sessions whether internally or externally with customers. 
    • User can also choose what screen to share if multiple screens are connected

4. Additional H.323 Compatibility  

    • With Cisco, Tandberg, Polycom, and Lifesize conference room video systems already compatible with Biba, Biba is now adding adding H.323 support for Vidyo Conference Room Systems. 
    • Users will now have the ability to use their Vidyo conference room hardware to connect directly with Biba and place calls quickly! 


If you would like schedule any trainings for your team regarding the Biba 3.2 release, please let us know and we will be happy to set up time on the calendar. 

Thank you! 

Bugs and Enhancements
  • Org Admin will remember the View setting (e.g. View Registered and Activated users)
  • Video auto pause should restart when network connectivity returns (OSX and Windows)
  • Do not unmute when user is auto reconnected to call (OSX and Windows)
  • "Join me on Biba" invite email should reply to sender email address not
  • First to join message should not continue when user joins early and first user is dial-in (Windows)
  • UK and US toll numbers missing from International call web page (hotfix)
  • User checked and dial-in with 13 digit PIN on mobile should be able to mute and unmute from checked in client (Android and iOS)
  • Outlook Plugin should not install twice at upgrade (Windows)
  • Biba crashes when searching a contact to start a call in Contacts screen (Android) (hotfix)
  • Messages marked as read when screen is locked (Android) (hotfix)
  • Contracts screen crashes on Gingerbread (Android)
  • Maintain "Pin Program to Taskbar" setting during upgrades (Windows)
  • Don't crash when move video window (OSX)
  • Cannot launch Biba 3.1 after upgrade due to corrupt config file (Windows)
  • Clicking "Return to Meeting" should not enable audio (and hang up on 13 PIN dial in) (Windows)
  • When "Email attendees unique PINs for scheduled meetings" setting enabled, ensure 13 digit personal PINs are valid if meeting is started early (hotfix)
  • H.323 room connections dropping after 2 minutes (hotfix)
  • Outlook plug-in used by delegate for organizer with personal meeting id not associating with correct audio bridge (hotfix)
  • Outlook plug-in error during upgrade due to SHA1 certificate (hotfix)
  • Columbia dial-in is disconnected when user presses keypad during call (hotfix)
  • Outlook plug-in VSTO error (32 bit program running on 64 bit OS) (Windows) (hotfix)
  • Don't provide 404 error when Org Admin changes a user's email address
  • Screen share memory leaks causing Out of Memory crashes (Windows and OSX)
  • Occasional black screen when window sharing Office for Mac (OSX)
  • Web socket fall back when cannot to TCP was not connecting (hotfix)
  • Echo when using Logitech CC3000e (device specific)
  • Correct camera not being selected (Windows)
  • Don't flash the Biba icon in tray when I get muted (Windows)
  • Join your Meeting email is missing PIN when One-time PIN used (hotfix)
  • Adjust autogain to reduce background noise (all)
  • Increase background noise reduction (all)
  • Add more audio meeting stats to internal monitoring (Windows, OSX)
  • Reduce speaker distortion (Windows, OSX)
  • Fixed 123 field crashes
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