Scheduling a meeting with the Biba Chrome extension

Now that you've installed the Biba Chrome extension, it's time to schedule a Biba meeting!

You'll notice that you now have a button with the Biba Bee up in the top right corner of your Chrome browser.

Click on that, and you'll be prompted to log in with your Biba credentials.  You'll stay signed in as long as your Chrome browser is open.


Once logged in, click the Bee Button again and select Schedule Meeting.

This will pop open your Google calendar.  Keep in mind that if you are signed into multiple Google accounts, it will open the calendar for whichever account is set as the default.


You'll see there is now a Biba line in the meeting options.  Click Make it a Biba meeting to automatically add your meeting info after selecting whether to use your personal meeting ID or a one-time meeting ID.

This option is also available if you go directly to your calendar, but you do need to be signed in and on Chrome.

Note: The video call option is a Google setting - any Biba meeting (on Desktop or iPad) can be a video meeting by clicking the Video button from the call controls while the call is open.

Please Note:  The address (and the pin+ address if you're using a one time Meeting ID) won't get added to the attendees list until you click Save.

Now you're all set!  Add meeting name, date and time and attendees.  Save and send and wait for Biba to call you and your Biba-registered attendees at the start time.



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