How do I report an issue to Biba (Mobile)

If you've encountered technical trouble while using Biba, we've made it easy for you to report it to us from within the app.

Be sure to:

  • Send feedback from the device you experienced the issue on.
  • Have the person who experienced the issue be the one to send in feedback.

On both Android and iOS:

Tap the Settings tab and scroll down to Send Feedback

Write a brief description of what you experienced and click send.

This automatically sends us your Biba diagnostic logs so we can quickly begin investing. 

Please keep in mind that this only sends at most, the last few hours worth of logs, and can be less if the log file is too big, so it's important report an issue as soon after it happened as possible.

If you were on a call, let us know what time and who the call was with.  If possible, it's extremely helpful if you can record 10 - 15 seconds of the call when you are experiencing the issue.  Send the recording file that is generated to (please do not record confidential information).

If you've called or messaged the Care Team @Biba about the issue and they've requested you send logs, you don't have to type out what you previously reported,  just type in the name of the person you were working with so we know who to get it to.

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