Release 3.1 May 2015

The follow changes have been made in the 3.1 release. Windows and OSX will update automatically, or you can go to to get your update.

1. Product Quality & Performance Update
    • Browser Screen Share Viewer 
      • Biba has completed comprehensive testing on the browser screen share viewer and added automated testing for all supported browsers (Supported devices and browsers)
    • Chat Quality 
  • Biba will now give better prompts when sending messages in shaky network environments
    • Messages will now have a "Sending...: status. If a message takes more than 3 seconds to send, it will flash until it fails or sends
2. Updated Admin Console 
  • User Filtering in the Admin Console
      • Admins will now have the ability to change the view of their users in the Admin console according to their user status (Prospective, Invited, Registered, Activated, and Suspended)
  • User filtering will allow Admins to easily control which users have access to Biba
  • Dial-In Plan Management
    • Org Admins will now have the ability to control what users in Biba will have access to premium dial in numbers via the Admin Console 
3. Updated Video Grid during Video Conferencing 
  • Biba has now updated its Video Grid on OS X during video conferences to better utilize space (this was already done on Windows and iPad)
  • New way:
  • Old way:
4. Contact Favorites 
  • Biba users will now not have a limit for the number of contacts they add to their Favorites, add as many contact favorites you want!
  • By popular demand, contacts (1:1 or Group Messages) that are added as favorites will not be shown in your recent messages anymore - just under Favorites
5. Chat Search on Mac: 
  • Biba 3.1 will give more details for your chat searches - adding Room information, From : Contact Name, Autocomplete, and tab complete 
And more! 
Bugs and Enhancements:
  • Tell user file attachment size exceeded when > 50 MB (Windows, OSX, iOS, Android)
  • Biba client gets uninstalled during upgrade when installer encounters error - should roll back (Windows)
  • Video window doesn't redraw when change size (OSX)
  • Add Meeting ID to reconnecting dialog (Windows)
  • Add alert to suggest dial-in when connectivity is weak (iOS)
  • Support audio with Windows running on Mac with Boot Camp (Windows)
  • Remote control clicks stop working (Windows)
  • Make sure correct PIN is displayed on "Send Meeting Info" dialog (Android, iOS)
  • Screen share content not being displayed to attendees (Windows) (hotfix)
  • When click Switch to Dial-in on device without disconnect audio and show dial-in information (iOS)
  • Join flow is not correct when device rotated when entering PIN (Android)
  • Memory usage grows when video displayed and no activity on device for > 30 min (OSX, Windows)
  • Removing support for iOS 6 (now supports iOS 7.0+)
  • Removing support for OSX 10.7 (now supports OSX 10.8+)
  • Chat room tab is not shown when user creates a new chat room (iPad)
  • Join early and using 13 digit PIN not combining user into a single row on roster (OSX)
  • Should not be able to unlock meeting when user's PIN is disabled (Windows)
  • Changing Audio or Video preferences during a meeting should change for ongoing meeting (OSX)
  • Vanity URLs not resolving when add www to URL (hotfix)
  • Biba crashes when sending a message (OSX) 
  • Meeting that is rescheduled after starting cannot be ended
  • When X out of Choose Meeting Audio Join by PIN user should not leave meeting (Windows)
  • Do not ring attendees for meetings that get cancelled
  • Allow Org Admin to see emails set to dlists and allow them to remove dlist status
  • Duplicate search strings displayed in search history (Windows)
  • Video sidebar loses enable video button (OSX)
  • Remove date from confirmation email (using UTC is causing date to be incorrect)
  • Chat Search UI clean-up (OSX)
  • Biba crashes when rotate device with "Chat Room Deleted" dialog (Android)
  • Sync recent messages when client comes online (OSX)
  • User prompted to upgrade while on call (OSX) (hotfix)
  • Leave meeting takes 2 or 3 clicks (iOS)
  • Recent Messages tabs are not clickable if user receives messages when offline (OSX) (hotfix)
  • Screen share shows black boxes (Windows)
  • Enable Event Mode and Disable Attendee Unmute options not displayed when user unlocks a 1:1 meeting (Windows)
  • Upgrade countdown starts from 1800 (OSX) (hotfix)
  • Call not joinable - no buttons to join (Android)
  • Device goes to sleep while viewing screen and video (iPad)
  • Biba crashes when launch Biba from PingOne webpage (Windows) (hotfix)
  • Screen client cannot reconnect even after Biba client restart (Windows) (hotfix)
  • User cannot join calls when using a headset with 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound (Windows)
  • Shift key stuck during remote control (Windows controlling Mac)
  • Ring longer for calls - 2 cycles, not just 1 (iOS)
  • Include "toll-free" in meeting instructions when selected to use UK toll-free (OSX)
  • InstallHelper.exe error every update (Windows)
  • 99 field crashes resolved (37 Windows, 20 OSX, 18 iOS, 9 Android)


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