Providing Biba Crash Logs (Mac)

If the Biba App crashes on your Mac, we at Biba would love it if you chose to send along your crash logs (this basically provides us with only Biba information - and it is super useful for us to figure out what happened so we can make every attempt to ensure it does not happen in the future).

If for some reason you did not submit these logs at the time of a crash or there was a problem sending them, the Biba Customer Care team may request that you send them along.

This article describes where to find these files on your Mac.

There are two sets of files. One in the User Library and the other in the System Library.

  1. Launch the Finder
  2. Use the super secret method to display the Library folder by clicking the Go menu and then holding down the option key (between control and command to the left of the space bar)

  3. Click Library to open the User Library folder
  4. Now follow the 4 steps below in the image to locate and copy the files with Biba in the name to an email to send to Customer Care (

  5. Okay, those are the first set. To get to the second set, click to select one of the folders or files (in the image above we show the DiagnosticReports folder selected) so the file path is displayed at the bottom of the window.

  6. Now follow the 3 steps below in the image to locate and copy the files with Biba in the name to an email to send to Customer Care (

Thank you so much for your assistance. If you would rather have someone walk you through the navigation - please don't hesitate to reach out to "The Care Team @Biba" in your Biba contacts or

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