Release 3.0 April 2015

The follow changes have been made in the 3.0 release. Please go to to get your update.

H.323 Compatibility - Beta Testing Program 

  • Biba will now be compatibile with your in-room video hardware from Cisco, Tandberg, Polycom or Lifesize (Vidyo coming soon).
  • Users will be able to use their video conference hardware and dial intro the Biba H.323 Service and enter the meeting ID - Similar to how users join when dialing into a call.
  • If your company would like to Beta Test Biba's H.323 feature, please contact and we will get you set up.

Contact Favorites / Recent Messages

  • Add the contacts that you communicate the most with onto the new Biba "Favorites" section in our messages along the left panel 
  • Users "Favorites" will stay in a fixed position on the left messaging panel to make it easy to communicate to
  • The "Messages" section is now renamed to "Recent Messages" 
    • Most recent sent or received message is on top
    • Max 25 conversations in the recents list
    • only conversations that have been updated in <7 days in the recents list
Full-Screen Meeting Window
  • Users will now be able to enter into a full-screen mode during a call
  • Full-Screen mode from the meeting window will cover the full screen including the dock, taskber, menu-bar etc. 
  • Users will be able to pop out video sidebar and make it go full-screen separately - very useful for users with dual - monitor setups 
Quality Update for Browser Screen Share 
  • Biba re-engineered their Browser Screen Share for a huge quality boost for external users 
  • Browser Screen Share will now support HTML5 
Better Notifications for Unread Messages 
  • Biba 3.0 includes an option to call for more attention to notifications 
  • Users can choose a "Bounce application icon continuously when I receive a message" option which will allow notifications to be much more apparent 
Chat Search on Mac: 
  • Chat Search is now available on Mac (Already available on Windows)
  • Mac Users will be able to search for key words in rooms and messages 

Bugs and Enhancements : 

  • Invalid meeting url when personal meeting ID contains a "." (hotfix)
  • Handle Microsoft issue of choosing incorrect VSTO during Outlook plug-in install (Windows) (hotfix)
  • Auto Call delays (hotfix)
  • When screen share full display with 3 monitors, viewers only see black (Windows) (hotfix)
  • Not able to type during remote control session (OSX 10.9.x)
  • Android users not getting push notifications from Google for meetings (hotfix)
  • Users not able to share screen (Windows some hardware configurations) (hotfix)
  • Call was ended by non-organizer (Android) (hotfix)
  • Biba crashes when sharer closes the shared window (Windows) (hotfix)
  • Camera stayed on after video call (Windows) (hotfix)
  • Dial-in users can unmute when "Disable Attendee Unmute" selected (hotfix)
  • Biba crashes after user leaves a meeting when network is disconnected (Android) (hotfix)
  • Screen share is not as expected when DPI is set > 100% (Windows) (hotfix)
  • Auto gain adds extra noise to certain VoIP calls (Windows)
  • Out Of Memory Exception results in crash (Windows)
  • Biba crashes when switching message tabs after searching messages (Windows)
  • No sound for message notification when app in background (OSX and AirPlay)
  • User's audio switches to using Airplay midcall when "Same as System" selected (OSX and AirPlay)
  • Video frozen after switching from built-in to peripheral webcam (OSX)
  • Schedule Meeting assistant can get into a state where "International" line is missing in "Schedule Meeting" dialog until reboot (Windows and OSX)
  • Video side bar gets distorted when scroll (OSX)
  • Biba crash when call is ended by two users at the same time (OSX)
  • Displaying black video tile instead of lightening bolt (iOS)
  • 33 field crashes
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