Automatic Updates for Mac

Starting with the March 2015 OSX release, Biba has started using an automatic upgrade flow for our OSX clients. The details for when we upgrade and when we wait and try again are below:

The "Check for Updates" is no longer available in the Biba menu. We automatically keep you and your team's client updated to the latest release.

When an update is available, Biba will automatically download the new version so we are ready to update your client. We check for updates every 24 hours.

We will wait to update your client if:

  • you are on a call
  • if you have a call you can join (listed in the upper left nav under Calls and Meetings)
  • if you are not signed in (we want to allow you to finish reg, or join-by-pin before upgrading the app)

When we start the update we will tell you we are going to update in 15 seconds and start the count down and give you the option to "Try Again".

If you don't click Try Again, Biba will restart and launch with the new version and you are done!

If you click "Try Again", we will prompt you again in 30 minutes (following the rules above about being on a call or signed in etc.) to see if you are ready to restart.

If you are on a call, we will prompt you to restart when you leave the call.


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