Is my firewall blocking Biba (Windows 7)?

If you are seeing an error that indicates you will not be able to join audio calls with Biba, it may be that there is a setting on your firewall that is preventing UDP traffic.

You can verify that you are having the problem by choosing to run Network Diagnostics from this menu (or you can find it under the Biba Help menu).

Very often, there can be Inbound or Outbound rules setup on your firewall that prevent Biba from communicating on the UDP ports we need for audio and video services.

To figure out if it is the Windows Firewall blocking Biba connectivity, do this...

Turn it off

The default rules that are provided with Windows 7 typically will allow Outbound connections but block inbound connections.

Follow the steps below to create a firewall rule to allow your computer to access Biba on our required UDP ports (i.e. not open your firewall up for all applications).

  1. Open the Control Panel and type in firewall in the search field and click "Check firewall status"

  2. From the Firewall Summary page click Advanced Settings

    This will bring you to the Windows Firewall with Advanced Security on Local Computer.

  3. Click Inbound Rules (typically we see rules that are blocking are the Inbound Rules). Then click New Rule listed under Actions.

  4. Use the wizard to create the Rule:
    1. Choose Port for the Rule Type and click "Next"
    2. Select UDP as the Protocol and enter the following in the Specific local ports field: 7200-7300, 3478, 16384-17383
      click "Next"

    3. Choose Allow the connection and click "Next"
    4. Choose the Profile to apply the rule too (Domain, Private, Public) and click "Next"
    5. Give your rule a name (like Allow Biba) and click "Finish". Your rule will be enabled.

  5. Run Network Diagnostics again and verify that you now can connect to the UDP ports.


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