The Biba Left Navigation

The left navigation panel allows you to move between calls and meetings as well as your Biba chat and chat rooms.

  • You can add contacts to your favorites, so you can easily message and call the people you work with the most.
  • Recent Messages will show your most recent message activity (received in the last week) in the order in which it was received. Max of 25 threads displayed.
  • Chat Room tabs will show separate icons for new room activity and @messages.


  • Headers will only be visible if there is corresponding activity. For instance, if you don't have an ongoing meeting or call to join, the Calls and Meetings tab won't be visible until a call begins. 
  • If you don't have any chat rooms open or haven't set any favorite contacts, those headers won't be visible until you open a chat room or set a favorite contact.
  • Because you receive a welcome message from The Care Team @Biba (hello!) when you sign in for the first time, the Recent Messages tab will always be present.

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