Full Size Meeting Window

If the screen share you're viewing is a little small, you can expand the meeting window to full screen and hide the call controls bar to maximize the screenshare view on your desktop Biba app.

Check the images below to see where in the meeting window to find the full screen button, depending on your operating system. 

Pressing the escape key or clicking the end full screen button in the pop up call controls will bump you back to regular screen view on all operating systems.


Click on the arrows in the top right corner.

Mac 10.10 or later:

Click on the green OSX button.

Mac 10.9 or earlier:

Click on the arrows in the top right corner.


While in full screen mode, the call controls can be accessed by moving your mouse, and will disappear after a few moments of mouse inactivity.

If there are new messages on the in-meeting chat while you're in full screen, you'll get a temporary pop up showing the new message:

The pop up call controls will also show a count of new messages:

   If you have video going, the video bar will display above the screen share when in full screen mode, and will take up some of the real estate, but you can use the video pop out button to break it out along the side, and even move it to a secondary monitor.


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