How to use Biba + dial into a call

Some users, especially sales teams, or users gathered for a meeting in a large conference room equipped with a Polycom, prefer to use dial-in for audio while still using Biba for screen sharing, video and the call roster.

Here's how to do that without showing separate entries for the dial in and Biba presence on the call roster.

When your meeting notification pops up, or when you start an ad hoc call, after clicking Answer, you will be presented with the options for meeting audio - choose Dial-in.

The US dial-in numbers are displayed, or click International dial-ins for other options.

If using a landline, dial into the call, enter the PIN and click next.

If you have Biba on your iPhone or Android, you can select the meeting from the Meetings tab, Answer, then choose Dial In from the choose audio screen.  This will automatically dial in the phone number and meeting PIN.

The PIN shown on the dial in screen is unique to you for that call, so once you're joined on Biba and dialed in, one entry with your name and the dialed in phone icon will show on the roster.

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