Release 2.16 March 2015

The follow changes have been made in the 2.16 release. Please go to to get your update.

16 Tile Video
  • Biba will now allow up to 16 people to turn on their video on a single call!
Video Sidebar
  • You will now be able to stack your videos vertically and have them always sit on top of your apps. The Video stack can be moved according to user. 
  • When screen sharing while on a video conference, you will no longer see the video tiles inside the meeting window.
Upgraded Join Meeting Flow
  • This will allow users to join a meeting and then select whether they would like to Use Mic & Speakers, Disable Mix & Speakers, or Dial In.  
  • If a user would like to dial-in, a phone icon will be shown next to their name in the attendee list (rather than an additional line with their phone number).  
Bubble Chat View
  • We have moved away from the grid-based layout for desktop chat and chat rooms to a bubble-based chat view. 
Other Enhancements
  • Continued upgrades to quality and stability on the platform
  • Improved flow of error messages when the call is unable to connect to media servers
  • Improved bad network support for video calls 
  • Better "Start Meeting" flow to help users start upcoming calls quicker. 
2.16 Bugs and Enhancements
  • Addressed video issues with > 3 video reconnects and moving tiles
  • Words sound like they are repeated on calls
  • Bad VoIP audio quality on call (dropping portions of call for a user)
  • Reliability improvements for Web screen viewer
  • Video should auto open when started when you are viewing a screen
  • Failed to connect to audio services - unable to join calls (false negative)
  • OSX seems online but isn't (hotfix)
  • OSX freezes after logging in (hotfix)
  • Fixed Dial-in sometimes not recognized
  • OSX chat view doesn't scroll to the bottom after window is resized
  • OSX user crashing on connection
  • OSX not displaying lightening bolt (low bandwidth) when it should be
  • OSX crash after trying to share screen
  • Remote control keyboard not working (OSX)
  • Remote control crashing when OSX is controlled
  • OSX tabs are opened for Rooms that I have left
  • Audio should not be raised (when device muted) when user chooses "Don't Use My Audio"
  • Windows USB headset stopped working after 2.15 release (hotfix)
  • Windows installer sends browser to empty web page
  • Recording was not being delivered on Windows (happens only under some cases)
  • Remote control a second time with the same user results in mouse stuck in upper left corner (Windows)
  • Allow option not displayed for remote control
  • Deleted room is not removed from list
  • Blank video tile when hit video limit
  • Android app crashes when opening a message while receiving messages while bouncing online and offline
  • Android Biba crashes when ending or leaving a meeting
  • Android can't add attachment from all apps on phone
  • Screen tab is not displayed when user taps Ignore button on Share video dialog (iPad)
  • Error trying to play mp4 recording file
  • 57 field crashes
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