Release 2.17 April 2015

The follow changes have been made in the sparkly new 2.17 release. Please go to to get your update.

Personalized Meeting Link
  • Biba will now allow users to choose a name (i.e. as an alias to join meetings
  • Users can claim or change their link at any time
  • If a vanity url is not created, (ie, your regular pin) will continue to work
  • Feature is compatible with all clients
Full HD Video 
  • Biba will now scale to 720p HD in 2 person meeting / calls, up from the previous max of 640x480
  • Biba is now able to detect what resolution you are viewing video and will provide the user the appropriate stream for best quality possible
Chat Search
  • Users will be able to search their direct message and chat room threads in Biba
  • This feature will only be available on Windows for the 2.17 release (coming on OS X in 28 days)
Meeting Chat 
  • Users on a call will now be able to chat directly in the meeting window 
  • This chat will be available for all attendees, including viewers that are not registered with Biba
  • As soon as a meeting begins, a modified chat window inside your Biba call will available to everyone
@mention All Members and Present Members
  • Users can mention all members or present members in each chat room to get attention 
  • This function is limited to mention 50 people at one time
  • Only members who are part of a chat room roster will get a notification
Additional Updates
  • Autoupgrader for Mac! Downloads will happen automatically / silently for Mac users after 2.17 is installed
  • Improved audio on Android devices
  • And more! 
Bugs and Enhancements
  • Join early and Event Mode does not mute dialed-in users
  • Outlook plug-in not showing meeting instructions and adding users for one-time PIN
  • Org Admin sign in not redirecting to correct page
  • Crash when changing settings after call (Windows)
  • Takes a long time to get on a call after sleep (Windows)
  • Audio can get into a state where only one user can talk at the same time (gating) (Windows)
  • Screen share viewers only see black (Windows)
  • Users hear hum sound from some devices (Windows)
  • Crash when share screen on some hardware (Windows 8.1)
  • "You were muted by ..." dialog pops up when user disables audio for the first time (OSX)
  • Crash when move Roster side bar slider (OSX)
  • Unread count not decremented when read (OSX)
  • Messages with emoji sometimes get clipped (OSX)
  • Crash when meeting is ended by two users at the same time (OSX)
  • "You are the first to join..." prompt when joining a meeting with others present (OSX)
  • Can't play meeting I recorded (Android)
  • Message Chat some lines in a thread can be hidden when switch the Biba window between different monitors (OSX)
  • Missing red mic indicator (iOS)
  • Crash when start video (iPad)
  • Enhancements to echo cancelation
  • Improvements for bluetooth audio - less clippy
  • Reduce background noise volume
  • 71 crashes in the field
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