What's the difference between Remove and Suspend?

As an organization administrator, you can control all the users in your domain, as well as any users added manually through the portal, such as contractors.

This is how you can take them out of your organization.

Remove - External users:

This only applies to users who do not have a company domain email, but have been manually added to your organization through the admin portal.

Once removed, they will still have access to their Biba account, but will no longer have access to the all company room, their meeting PIN, toll free or international dial in numbers, or any other premium features that your company pays for.

They will still appear as a contact for anyone they've messaged or had Biba meetings with.  They will need to be manually removed from any other rooms.


Suspend - Internal users:

Users with a company domain email address cannot be removed, and must be suspended.

Immediately upon suspension, the user will no longer be able to access their Biba account.

If they're logged in at the time of suspension, they won't be able to view or initiate any new room or message content or start or receive any calls.

For information retention purposes, they will still appear as a contact for anyone they've previously messaged with, and their chat room posts will be kept per the message retention policy set.

When suspending users, if they still have access to their email account, they will get an email letting them know they've been suspended, and by whom.  If you'd prefer a user be silently suspended, please write to us at support@biba.com.


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