Release 2.15 February 2015

Major New Features

  • Windows Audio Re-architecture
  • Dial-in enhancements
  • Multi-line chat copy
  • Look and Feel improvements
  • Low bandwidth video support
  • Proxy Support
  • Other smaller items
    • Anonymous users using join URL are prompted for name
    • Devices with no microphones are now able to join calls without audio
    • Android code snippet view
  • Bugs and Enhancements

Bugs and EnhancementsPlatform stability enhancements

  • Limit read receipts on Group Conversations > 16
  • User cannot switch from mobile to desktop when called for Adhoc meeting
  • Windows crashing when downloading large recording file
  • Can’t remove attachment from a draft message (Android)
  • Join from another device did not stop video
  • Biba crashes when rotating Edit Chat Room screen (Android)
  • Microphones on roster flashing on large call
  • Get no mic error after changing to Bluetooth headset (Windows)
  • Meeting PIN is not shown on meeting title bar on a conference bridge meeting (OSX, Windows)
  • User is remote muted again after unmuting and turning on video
  • The message in the text field is displayed after retrying send message successfully (iOS)
  • Connecting banner is displayed even when the network is connected
  • Ignore proxy auto detect setting on OSX 10.10
  • 44 field crashes


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