Outlook plug-in doesn't work after an upgrade

There may be scenarios where the Outlook plug-in is uninstalled during an upgrade.

To verify if the plug-in is installed, please go to Control Panel > Programs and Features and check to see if "Biba for Outlook" is listed.

If you noticed some problems with the Biba plug-in, you can also try uninstalling and reinstalling.

Once it is no longer installed, do the following to install the Outlook Plug-in:

  1. Launch Biba
  2. Choose Meeting > Schedule Biba Meeting
  3. Click on Schedule with Outlook
  4. We will start the install process - follow the prompts to install
  5. Restart Outlook (if it was running) or launch Outlook
  6. Click Schedule Biba Meeting and you will be prompted to provide your Biba credentials.

Note: If the Outlook ribbon is not pinned, you may have to click the Meeting or Event tab to get prompted for your credentials.

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