Release 2.14 January 2015

Important Release Timing

The new Join URL feature requires 2.14 Clients, we will be pushing the new clients and waiting a few days for users to upgrade their clients

  • Thursday, Jan 8
    • Client updates available
  • Monday, Jan 12
    • Join url feature enabled (meeting urls will no longer go directly to screen share viewer)
  • Tuesday, Jan 13
    • Marketing/Blog post available
    • Videos for Join URL and Meeting Window posted on

Major New Features

  • Join Link
  • Unified Meeting Window
  • Other smaller items
    • Recordings delivered by
    • Org Admin ability to disable All Company Room
    • Org Admin ability to disable “I just joined Biba” messages
    • Screen share improvements for lower bandwidth networks
    • Attempt Websocket when UDP connection blocked
    • Disable audio from Call controls
  • Bugs and Enhancements


Other Enhancements

  • Recording
    • Only the Organizer or delegates can record a meeting
    • Recordings now delivered from Biba Recordings user
  • Org Admin ability to
    • disable All Company Room
    • disable “I just joined Biba” messages
  • Low bandwidth improvements
    • Screen Sharing
  • Firewall/Proxy enhancement
    • Fallback to XRP over Websocket if UDP audio fails
  • Audio controls
    • Ability to disconnect audio from Call control menu

Bugs and Enhancements

  • Screen share blotchy (hotfix)
  • Window being shared turns black (Windows) white (OSX)
  • Screen share not working when DPI setting is >= 150% (Windows)
  • Screen share showing zoomed in view after dropping and reconnecting (OSX)
  • Windows screen share Alt+Tab showing other application windows
  • Screen share continues after joining from another device (Windows, iOS, Android)
  • Android crashes when sending second message when offline
  • Improvement to China dial-in number (some calls getting disconnected after 5 minutes)
  • Schedule Meeting Assistant instructions for one-time PIN should not break between pin+ and <PIN> (OSX)
  • Unable to dismiss recording menu (Windows)
  • Call More menu items not displayed until take another action (Android)
  • Biba crashes while locking and unlocking a meeting (Android)
  • Crash related to Bluetooth audio (Android)
  • Delegate for organizer cannot control meeting options (OSX)
  • Screen share viewer keeps reconnecting during call
  • Remote control mouse is not positioned as expected (> 100 px off) (OSX)
  • Don’t play first to join audio cue after another users drops (Windows)
  • Call should be auto ended by Biba after 30 minutes with only one user dialed in
  • 75 field crashes


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