How do I set up delegates?

Biba supports delegates to help out in two areas:

  1. Scheduling meetings for another user
  2. Sharing "Organizer" privileges during a call

Scheduling Meetings:

If you schedule meetings on behalf of other people, using your own PIN isn't always an option, especially if you're scheduling multiple meetings for the same time.

The person who will be scheduling the meetings (i.e. the Executive Admin) on behalf of someone else (i.e. the Executive) can be made a delegate.

Sharing "Organizer" privileges:

There are some controls for a meeting that only the meeting organizer has: Recording the meeting, Locking the meeting, Ending the call, Call controls when using Event Mode.

If you are an organizer and would like others to be able to act as you, you will want that user(s) to be your delegate.

Setting up a Delegate:

Your company's Biba organization admin(s) have the ability to set up delegate access.


Setting up Delegates:

The owner or administrator for the org can log into the admin area on the Biba Website using the same credentials they use for the app:

Go to the users tab

Find the user who will be having meetings set up on their behalf (the Executive) or act as an "Organizer" during their meetings, and click on their name to access the individual settings for that user.

Under Delegate Access, start typing the name of of the delegate scheduler then select and add the correct user. 



Once added, both users will receive an email letting them know that the access has been granted.

The email received by the delegate will include instructions on how to set up meetings, as well as all the Executive's meeting info to be included when setting up the event.


The Biba Outlook plug-in when scheduling with delegate access:

If you're using Outlook, the Outlook plugin for Biba makes it super easy to choose which calendar you're setting the meeting up on by allowing you to select from a pick list.  You can be set up to delegate on multiple calendars.

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