Video Best Practices

Here are a few tips to help you have the best video call possible.

- At this time, video can only be viewed or shared from the desktop or iPad apps.

- Biba can accommodate up to 16 attendees on video.

- To have a great video call, we suggest you have at least:

  • 700 kpbs each way (up and down) for 2 person call
  • 700 kpbs up and 3 mbps down for 8 person call

- You can "break out" the video display from the meeting window to enlarge the screen share area, or if you're sharing your own screen. 

- Hovering over an individual tile will bring up a pause button, allowing you to pause the feed of an individual person or people.  This can be very helpful if you have a poor connection, or if someone is eating or blowing their nose or doing anything distracting that you don't want to look at.  The paused individual won't know they've been paused.

- If your network connection becomes unstable, we will proactively disconnect your video so audio and / or screenshare won't be interrupted.  If this happens, you'll see a little lightning bolt.  It will reconnect again once the conditions are more favorable.

- When on a video call on iPad, due to the smaller screen size, you have the option to display video, or the call roster. 

- While on the video display on iPad, you can tap the screen to dismiss or bring up the menu items, then toggle between video and call view from the bottom of the screen.

- iPad video also allows you to flip your screen view, taking advantage of both front and back cameras on your device.


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