How do I schedule meetings with external users?

First you'll need to know how to schedule a meeting, so if you haven't already done so, please check out our instructions on how to schedule a meeting in Outlook, Google, or other calendar programs.

To invite external users to a Biba Meeting, you just need to add them to the invite like you would for a non-Biba meeting.

If they are already using Biba, they will get the auto call when the meeting starts.

If they are not using Biba, there are a couple ways they can join your meeting.

1. Dial into the call.

You've included your dial in, PIN and (optional) screenshare url with the meeting info, so any attendees not using Biba can simply dial into the call, and use the url to view any shared screens on their browser.

Dialing into a call allows participants to view shared screens, but not share their own screen or participate in video

2. Download Biba and Join by PIN.

Your meeting participants can download the app at and join the meeting with the organizer's PIN, even if they haven't registered for Biba.

After downloading the app, from the sign in screen, they select Join Meeting, enter the organizer's PIN and their name, and they can join the meeting on Biba.

Joining by PIN allows participants to view and initiate screen share, view the call roster and participate in video.

3. Automatically invite your meeting attendees to Biba.

You can turn on a setting that will send a Biba invite to all of your meeting attendees who aren't using Biba. 

To turn this on from Desktop, go to File > Settings in Windows, or Biba > preferences on Mac

Choose the Meetings Tab and check Automatically invite attendees to use Biba.

From Mobile, go to Settings and turn on Automatically invite attendees to use Biba.

Your invitees will receive an invitation from you to download and sign up for Biba.

You can turn this setting off at any time.




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