Using Event Mode for Town Hall style or Large Meetings

Imagine the exec team at the company wants to share their video, present a slide deck and talk uninterrupted for 20 minutes and then open up the meeting for questions. This is a perfect example of why Biba provides the Event Mode setting.

Event Mode lets you keep the call quiet, locks down access to share video or screen and turns off the roster clicks.

More specifically - Event Mode

  • mutes everyone who is already connected to the call except the organizer and their delegates
  • attendee (non organizer or delegates) joining after enabled will be muted on join
  • attendee (non organizer or delegates) will not be able to enable their webcam (if the webcam was on, when Event Mode is enabled it will be turned off)
  • only organizers or delegates can share their screen
  • only organizers or delegates can choose to add additional Presenters (same call privileges as the organizer)
  • prevent other users from remote muting the organizer, delegates or additional Presenters
  • those clicks that you hear when attendees join and leave will be muted

How to Enable Event Mode

From the Call Roster, the organizer or their delegate(s) can enable Event Mode from the More Menu.


Or click on the Event Mode icon on the Call Roster:

We will then provide a dialog that summarizes what is about to happen:

If Biba-savvy users try to share their screen, turn on video, or remote mute another caller, they will get a message that the action they're trying to take has been disabled by the organizer.

Also, if you would really like to control who unmutes themselves, you can use the "Disable Attendee Unmute", which will prevent users from being able to unmute themselves.

Like other conference solutions, Biba Event Mode allows you to give other attendees presentation permission by selecting Add Presenter from the More menu.

You will then be able to select an attendee who has been Invited or is on the Roster to have the same permission as the organizer

Any attendees who have been given presenter permission will get a pop up letting them know they are now a presenter,

and will have the event mode icon next to their name on the roster.

As a presenter, they can share their screen and turn on their video camera.

Presenter permissions can be revoked by right clicking on the presenter's name and selecting Remove from Presenters.  Presenter permissions cannot be revoked from the organizer, or their delegates.

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