Biba Info in Outlook Invite doesn't look right

If you see information like this in your Outlook calendar invite:

{"IsAudioChecked":true,"IsScreenShareChecked":false,"OneTimePIN":null,"DialInNumbers":[{"CountryCode":"us","TollNumber":"+1 305-842-2422","TollFreeNumber":"","City":null,"CityCode":null,"Country":"United States","DisplayCountryName":"United States","IsDialInChecked":true,"Id":null,"UUID":null,"LockVersion":null,"CreatedAt":"0001-01-01T00:00:00","UpdatedAt":"0001-01-01T00:00:00","Channel":null,"IsNew":true},{"CountryCode":"us","TollNumber":"","TollFreeNumber":"+1 855-631-2422","City":null,"CityCode":null,"Country":"United States","DisplayCountryName":"United States Toll-free","IsDialInChecked":true,"Id":null,"UUID":null,"LockVersion":null,"CreatedAt":"0001-01-01T00:00:00","UpdatedAt":"0001-01-01T00:00:00","Channel":null,"IsNew":true}]}

Instead of the Biba Meeting Instructions, there is a couple things that might be happening.

  1. The Outlook ribbon is minimized.

    The screen below shows what the Outlook invite looks like when the ribbon is minimized.

    Click the MEETING tab at the top and the meeting information should be displayed properly.

    Once open, click on the push pin icon on the lower right of the ribbon to Pin the ribbon so you can avoid this step in the future (we are also look at ways to address this on our side).

  2. You have not yet restarted Outlook (after the install step of the Biba for Outlook plug-in).

    Restart Outlook and you should see the Meeting Instructions as expected.

  3. Outlook did not load the Biba for Outlook plug-in properly at start-up.

    Restart your computer and then launch Outlook.

    Make sure you see the Biba for Outlook Add-in load while Outlook is starting up.

  4. The Outlook plug-in has been disabled.

    In the case that the plug-in has been disabled, we have steps to walk you through re-enabling it here:
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