Can I invite a distribution list to a Biba meeting?

The short answer is yes, however when you do this you are not utilizing the Biba AutoCall magic.

If you want Biba to AutoCall, you can use a nifty trick to "break out" or "expand" a distribution list in calendar invites. Below are instructions on how to do this using Outlook or Google calendar clients.

When inviting attendees to a Biba meeting, Biba needs to associate each person with their calendar in order to notify them when the meeting starts or send them personal PINs if you have enabled that feature. 

In both Outlook and Google, add the distribution list as an attendee.

Once added, there will be

... a little "multi-people" icon and arrow next to the distribution list in Google


... and a little plus sign to the left of the distribution list in Outlook.


Click the arrow or + sign, and it will expand to show each user in the list. Emails will be broken out.

Make sure to save the changes and don't forget to send the update to all.

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