What do I do if Biba says I'm blocked and can't make calls?

If you've just started Biba, chances are it is just a transient network problem.

Close the dialog and follow the instructions below to manually check to see if there really is a problem by running our Network Diagnostic tool.

Windows and OS X: 

Click on Help > Network Diagnostics



The Results:

The diagnostics only takes a few moments to run, and should show SUCCESS on each test. 


If any of those connections show FAILURE, it could be that your company's firewall or personal firewall software on your computer is blocking some of the ports Biba uses. 

Contact your IT administrator and provide the list of host, IP and ports that Biba needs to support our audio, screen sharing and video features. The most up to date information can be found here: Biba Hosts, Ports and Protocols.


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