Where are my recorded meetings (new recording)?

After you've recorded your meeting, it will be sent to you as a downloadable file via message from Biba Recordings through the app.

Keep in mind that the file can take up to an hour or so to get to you, depending on the length of the meeting, and whether it was just audio, or if there were screens shared.

Once the file is ready, you will receive a message from Biba Recordings.

 The message thread will have a link where you can click to download your meeting recording.  If it was audio only, it will be an mp3 file, if there were shared screens, it will be an mp4 file.  Video does not get captured in a meeting recording.

If the message tab has dropped out of your recent messages and you need to access your recordings later, just click on Message from the launchpad or home tab, search for Biba recordings and select to open the tab back up.  You can also mark Biba Recordings as a favorite contact for quick reference.




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