How do I schedule a meeting with another calendar (not Google or Outlook)?

If you use a calendar program other than Google or Outlook, you can still use Biba's Scheduling Assistant, but the process will be a little more manual.

From the Launchpad, click Schedule a Meeting:

This will bring up the Biba Scheduling Assistant.

Select Other as your calendar application.  As long as you don't sign out of Biba, your selection will be remembered.

Premium Customers can select from 50+ local international dial in numbers to be added to their meeting instructions.

Select to use your own PIN, or a One-time PIN.  One-time PINS are useful if you're scheduling back to back meetings, and don't want any overlap.

Once you've made your selections, follow the instructions on the Assistant:

1 - Create a new meeting in your calendar application.

2 - Add as an attendee if you're using your own Meeting ID and and pin+<one time PIN> if you're using a one time Meeting ID.  Click the first copy button to copy the address/addresses so you can paste them into the "To" field in the invite.*

3 - Click the bottom copy button and paste the instructions into your meeting instructions.

Now you just have to set up your meeting like you normally would - add attendees, set the date and time, add a title, save and notify attendees.

Remember that is an attendee, so if you need to make any updates to date, time or add more attendees, be sure to notify attendees so Biba knows to make the changes.


* If you're using a one-time PIN, clicking the top copy button will copy both items in the correct format to simply paste both into the "To" field of your invite.;

If you're using Mac Calendar, it only allows one attendee to be pasted in at a time, so you'll need to paste into a text program like Text Edit and copy/paste the individual addresses into the Add Invitees field.

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