Can I use Biba on Linux?

We don't yet have a Biba client for Linux, but there are a few other ways you can participate in a meeting:

  1. Biba supports OSX and Windows on desktop and also supports users on Android or iOS. With the mobile apps you have most of the same capabilities as you do from our desktop app. You can join calls, get auto-called, view screen share and view the roster. If you have an iPad, you can participate in the video call as well.

  2. For our non-Biba client users, you can participate in meetings by dialing in for audio and using our web screen viewer (Latest Chrome or Firefox browsers are supported) to view what other Biba users are sharing.

    The format of the web screen viewer is<PIN>.

    If someone is sharing their screen you will be able to view what they are sharing.

    If no one is sharing their screen, you will see the dial in information and a message that the screen share is not available.
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