Multi-line Copy and Paste for Biba Message Threads on Mac


  • This feature is supported on OSX 10.10.x.
  • We have found that there are issues with OSX 10.8 and 10.9 using this new feature. We are in the process of addressing the issues to support these versions of the Mac OS.

Select multiple messages in a 1:1, Group Message or Room thread and copy makes it easy to retell a conversation or transfer the info to another thread. Below is how you can accomplish this using the Biba Mac client.

  1. Open a 1:1, Group Message or Room
  2. Click on the first message you wish to copy and drag down to the last message you wish to copy.  (to select the entire thread click Cmd+A)
  3. Biba will show a grayed area indicating the messages between the first and last message selected
  4. Cmd+c to copy
  5. Click the "Copy Selected Messages" button
  6. You can now paste the text which will include the users name, time of message post and the text. Here is the text from the above example:

    Derek Bradford [3:08 PM]: I would like to get someone to take a look at the website and figure out what is going on with the formatting

    Will Pattersen [3:09 PM]: CSS got changed

    Will Pattersen [3:10 PM]: /code body {

      color: $color_4;

      font-family: $font_1;

      font-size: 13px;

      font-weight: lighter;

      line-height: 1.5;

      margin: 0;

      padding-bottom: 50px;


    Rebecca Matthews [3:10 PM]: Let me get that changed

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