Biba Best Practices and Tips


  • Before using the Biba app for external or larger meetings, we recommend you try a few test calls to ensure your audio is set up properly and you are familiar with the navigation.
  • Don’t sign out of Biba – you can quit the app, but staying signed in will make it so you are automatically logged in when you launch Biba and get to you meetings quickly.

Joining Calls
There are three ways that callers can get on a Biba meeting:

    1. Use the Dial-in and passcode to get onto the audio portion of a call. The calendar instructions should include the dial-in and passcode information formatted for fast mobile access (e.g. +1 305-842-2422,,1234567890#). Just click the link from a mobile device and we enter everything needed to get into the meeting.
    2. Goto and get the Biba App. You can click Join a Meeting and enter the PIN (no account creation required) or click Sign In if you already have a Biba account (if you are signed in and was invited Biba will call you).
    3. In the body of your calendar invite, there should be a link that starts with Click that url and you will be prompted to download the Biba Add-In or use a Browser. If Biba is installed the app will be launched and you will be able to join the meeting. The browser option will provide dial in instructions for audio and will show content if someone on the call shares their screen.

If you want to share your screen, participate in a remote control session or use video - you will need to use the Biba App (option 2. or 3. choosing the Add-in option).

During a Call

  • Many of the call controls can be found under the More menu including Record a Call, Choose your headset or video camera, and Add a Caller.
  • If you experience interrupted audio or echos or your data connection is weak - don't hesitate to switch to dial-in for the audio portion of the call (Settings > Choose Audio > Disconnect Mic & Speakers). The dial in information can be found by clicking on Meeting (at the top of the call screen) and choosing Meeting Info.
  • The Screen sharing controls are available during calls and are under the Screen. You can share your entire screen, a window or easily navigate back to viewing a shared screen. 
  • The Call Controls include Leave, Mute, Video, Screen and More and can be found on the Meeting Window
  • The Organizer has more controls than Participants (Record a meeting, End a meeting, Event Mode, Lock a meeting)
  • Users dialed into a call can toggle between mute and unmute by pressing *7
  • Using a headset (microphone and speakers) can greatly reduce background noise
  • If you notice the volume is low on your desktop device, make sure there are no other apps running that are using your speakers (YouTube, Pandora, iTunes, etc.)
  • You need to have the Biba App running and connected to a call in order to share your screen. If you want someone else on your call to share their screen, make sure they get the Biba app and either Join using PIN or create an account and join.

Managing Echo and Noise

  • If you hear echo, the connection causing the echo will be the one that doesn’t hear it.
  • Only one audio source should join from a room - dial-in from large conference rooms - and then others can join with the Biba App (Answer > Don't Use My Audio) and take advantage of the mute controls, Roster, screen share and video.
  • When you are on the Biba app, you can mute a caller by clicking on the associated phone or microphone icon on the Call Roster.
  • If there is too much noise on a call, the Organizer can choose Mute All Others under the More menu to help manage the audio (then ask people who are presenting to unmute themselves).
  • If you have a bad call, you can ask the organizer to record a brief portion of the call to capture the audio and then send it along to Biba Support.

Multiple Devices

  • Biba works best when you install it on your desktop and mobile devices.
  • When is invited to the meeting, all your devices will ring. Just answer on one device and the other(s) will stop ringing.
  • It is easy to switch devices, just locate the Call (desktop in the upper left under Calls and Meetings or Mobile in the Calls tab) and click to answer. You will be disconnected from the meeting on your other device.
  • Biba on mobile will move from WiFi to your data network. If the network is not strong, you can try switching to Dial-In (click Leave and Switch to Dial-in). We will dial the number and your passcode for you.
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