Release 2.12 October 2014

Major New Features

  • Alert when call is full (> 100 call connections)
  • User Interface changes for desktop and mobile
  • Join meetings early and join with PIN from within the app
  • Include Name for Join with PIN (no more Caller #)
  • International dial-ins and ability to set default switch to dial-in country
  • Event Mode for greater moderation option
  • New End meeting flow
  • Other smaller items
  • Bugs and Enhancements


Other Enhancements

  • Ability to opt out of onboarding tasks
    • Windows: File > Settings > General > Show “Getting Started” tips
    • Mac: Biba > Preferences > General > Show “Getting Started” tips
  • Ability to unsubscribe to missed message emails
    • Unsubscribe link in email to unsubscribe from all
  • Windows spell check (Mac already had spell check)
  • /code option for messaging
    • Unicode font
    • No emoji
    • Windows only in 2.12. Mac coming.
  • OSX 10.10 support

Bugs and Enhancements

  • Improved audio experience especially under poor network conditions and including SurePlay to play back audio faster than real time in order to not miss what the other person said
  • Screen recording improvements (aspect ratio, downloading when large files, monitoring)
  • Terminate dial-in on some Android devices was not working
  • Removed iOS static noise when connecting and disconnection audio with speaker on
  • Windows feedback not including diagnostic logs
  • Order chat room contact’s by name
  • <3 not rendered properly
  • Could not search contacts by full name on Android
  • OSX not adjusting volume after call ends
  • OSX screen share window would not un-minimize
  • Biba crashed when rotating join screen on Android
  • OSX Video thumbnail is invisible when another Biba window is minimized
  • Fix undo and redo typing on OSX
  • Mute notification doesn’t show when muted from video window control
  • Fix problem where we were indicating a huge number of users were invited when user first logs in
  • Address error starting screen issues
  • Video stability fixes
  • Screen share indicator fixes and don’t require more than one click on OSX
  • Enhance all international and US dial-in testing and automation to run several times daily
  • Fix issue with the Russia dial-in number
  • Improve Outlook plug-in performance to try to prevent Outlook from disabling
  • 29 field crashes
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