Hybrid Dial In and Biba Call

When answering a Biba call on your laptop, you may have noticed that you have an option to dial in. 

If you're on a mobile device, tapping Dial In will actually dial you into the call on your phone, but of course you can't dial in on a laptop.

If you're running a Biba meeting in a conference room with a polycom, you can dial into the meeting for audio, and join on Biba without audio to use Biba features like screen sharing, call roster and video

When your Biba call notification comes in, click Answer, then Dial In.

A dialog with the telephone number and meeting PIN will pop up so you can dial into your call.

Close the dialog, then click your meeting from the Calls and Meetings tab.

Click Answer, then select Don't Use My Audio


You can also switch to dial in while on the call.  Just click on Settings > Change Audio > Switch to dial in.

Your VOIP audio will be shut off, and you'll get the screen with the dial in number and Meeting ID.

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