Joining your meeting from the invite with the Join Link

Now it's easier than ever for you and your attendees to join your meeting, even if they don't have the Biba app!

When your attendees receive your meeting invite, there will be a link that will allow them to join the meeting, right from the invitation.

(if the organizer hasn't set a personal meeting ID, it will simply be a numeric ID)

If your attendee already has Biba installed, clicking the link will launch the Biba client, and join them to the meeting.

If your attendee doesn't have Biba installed, clicking the link will open a browser page which gives them the option to install the Biba Add-In, or to simply use their browser.

If they choose to use browser, they'll be taken to a screen where they can add their name, then a screen that contains the dial-in numbers and meeting PIN so they can dial into the call, then they'll arrive at the meeting screen which will show the screen share (if any) or meeting status if no screens are currently being shared.

If they choose to install the Add-In, they'll be redirected to the appropriate download page for their platform, prompted to install and launch the app, and once they launch, they'll be automatically joined to the meeting.

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