Can I schedule a Biba meeting on a group or shared calendar?

Today, the “We call you” feature does not support group calendars. However, there is another way that you can use Biba to provide meeting support when you use Group Calendars.
This article outlines how to schedule a meeting that will only appear on the Group and attendee’s calendars (not on the organizer’s calendar) and how to join a meeting using the Biba 2.13 client (users will join using the PIN provided).

Generate a One-time PIN
1. One Biba user who has enabled will need to use the Schedule option to generate a One-time PIN that will be used for meetings on the Group Calendar. If you have multiple meetings, you can go ahead and generate multiple One-time PINs. Note: One-time PINs can be used many times (i.e. for recurring meetings or for all events on a particular group calendar). Feel free to re-use a One-time PIN or regenerate a new PIN for multiple meetings.


2. Click on the One-time PIN option (in the Select
the PIN to use area) and make a note of the passcode included in the meeting instructions.
3. Add instructions to your calendar invite and include the PIN. Here are some sample instructions you can leverage for a video call: ******************
We will be using the Biba App for this meeting so we can take advantage of the calling and video capabilities.

Before the call:
• Go to and get the Biba app.
• Install on a Mac or Windows device with a video camera enabled.

At the time of the call:
• Ensure you have good internet connectivity.
• Launch the Biba app.
• Click “Have a Join using PIN?” and enter the PIN listed below.
• Choose Answer and then “Use My Audio” to use VoIP. For dial-in, please choose Answer and then “Don’t Use My Audio” and dial into the call using the instructions below.
U.S. Toll Dial-in: +1 305-842-2422 Meeting PIN: 7322 96 2558 One-click Mobile Dial-in: +1 305-842-2422,,7322962558#.
During the call:
• To start video click the Video icon and then choose “Enable Video”

Joining the Biba Meeting
Users will need to join the meeting manually by using the Join Using PIN option (Biba will not call attendees).

Users with Biba Accounts
1. Sign into the Biba App
2. Click the Home icon on the Launch pad
3. Click Join Meeting
4. Enter the meeting PIN in the field and click Join.
5. You will then be added to the Call.

Users without Biba Accounts
1. Download, install and launch the Biba App
2. Click the Join Meeting button.
3. Enter the PIN and Name when prompted and click Join.
4. You will then be added to the Meeting.
5. Callers will have all the video and screen share capabilities of the Biba App.


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