Release 2.13 December 2014

Major New Features

  • iPad Video
  • Audio/Video synchronization
  • Outlook plug-in install and upgrade
  • Enhancement to Event Mode (disable unmute)
  • Code snippet
    • no auto emoji, no auto url, use monospaced font
  • Other smaller items
    • Option to remove Biba from Windows Taskbar
    • UI updates for Yosemite (OSX 10.10)
    • Bugs and Enhancements







Bugs and Enhancements

  • Resolve issue where not able to Answer on OSX (hotfix)
  • Address black bars when viewing screen share on OSX (hotfix)
  • Screen share dropping when using IE 10 and 11 (hotfix)
  • Add more dial-in monitoring and alerting
  • Address password reset problems on Windows with Okta (hotfix)
  • Audio service enhancements and stability on OSX
  • Event mode should work as expected when organizer joins early
  • Ensure that delegates have the same controls as organizer (for Event Mode and End Meeting)
  • Don’t play join tone when someone views a shared screen
  • Support DPI settings on Windows (screen share was broken)
  • Connecting indicator shown even after connected (Windows and OSX)
  • Enable copy from Schedule Meeting dialog on OSX
  • Pricing header links redirect to incorrect page in Org Admin
  • Don’t end rescheduled call at original end time.
  • Reduce number of “Unable to Perform Operation” errors
  • Outlook plug-in Intl settings should inherit from app settings
  • Remove prompt for password when updating OSX
  • Improved usability in Org Admin - don’t go to first page after complete actions
  • Email meeting information should include preferred dial-in
  • Don’t auto correct biba to boba
  • Checked Intl countries shows additional countries when scroll back up on iOS
  • 64 field crashes
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